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Аннотация Архитектура


We specialize in designing ultra-modern smart villas and residences, complete with swimming pools and sliding window systems. From cutting-edge technology to spacious designs, we create extraordinary living spaces over 5000 sq. meters.

Современная архитектура


We specialize in luxury interior design for houses, villas, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Our expertise extends to designing bespoke furniture and decor, creating exquisite spaces that captivate and inspire.



With our expertise in building super modern houses according to our projects, we have also developed a state-of-the-art construction management system utilizing BIM. This innovative approach significantly reduces construction costs.



We produce original furniture, lighting, and decor pieces for our projects. Our industrial design studio specializes in creating designer wall panels made of gypsum, wood, metal, and glass, adding unique and striking elements to every space we design.

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