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Сюрвейерское оборудование


Building with Montanum means embracing construction that utilizes cutting-edge technologies and materials, along with state-of-the-art software for construction management. Our online platform ensures that you stay informed about every step of the construction process. All activities are recorded in a secure cloud storage, allowing easy access and real-time updates. Whether it's incorporating changes, adding new features, or providing comments on the delivery of construction and installation works, our BIM modeling system enables seamless integration into the project.

With Montanum, you have the option to entrust us with the entire construction process, ensuring efficient and effective operational management.

We build in BIM

which means

One cloud storage for the entire project

One cloud storage for the entire project

The utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM) brings numerous benefits to the construction process. Firstly, it enables the integration of all project sections and stages into a single information model, facilitating real-time updates and collaboration among all stakeholders. This streamlines the design process and allows for efficient division of responsibilities among various specialists. BIM also promotes the use of remote specialists, enabling effective supervision and control over their work. BIM offers unified document management, storing all project-related documents alongside the model, ensuring easy access and organized control for each project section.

By detecting and preventing collisions and errors, BIM significantly reduces design flaws, with up to 90% of errors automatically corrected


By harnessing BIM technology, we gain enhanced visibility in presenting and discussing projects. We can utilize virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and virtual walkthrough applications to provide immersive experiences of design and construction objects. Additionally, generative design techniques enable us to explore innovative solutions by leveraging algorithms to generate and evaluate multiple design options, fostering creativity and efficiency in the design process.

Virtual Reality (VR)
The implementation of BIM


The implementation of BIM technology offers several advantages. Automation of building control allows for real-time monitoring of construction progress using smartphones, drones, robots, cameras, sensors, and scanners. All data is uploaded to the cloud model, ensuring transparency for clients. Technical supervision, including remote support and instructions for rectifying defects and mistakes, can be efficiently provided. BIM expertise ensures accurate and reliable modeling, while author's supervision ensures adherence to design intent throughout the construction process. These features enhance project management, quality control, and overall efficiency, resulting in successful and well-executed construction projects.

Efficient construction and operation planning

BIM enables the creation of automated roadmaps using artificial intelligence, allowing for efficient project planning and management. BIM's 4D modeling capability incorporates dynamic calculations, enabling real-time adjustments to project timelines and costs. Additionally, the technology facilitates the creation of operational models, which enable effective asset management, including preventive maintenance and asset tracking. This enhances overall project efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures optimal performance and longevity of the constructed assets. BIM technology empowers project teams to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and deliver successful outcomes.

Efficient construction and operation planning
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