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Observatory architectural design

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Altai, Russia

Nestled in the breathtaking Altai Mountains of Russia, our architectural design unveils an extraordinary observatory within a resort complex. The observatory stands on a robust concrete base that seamlessly merges with the natural landscape, preserving its inherent beauty. The lower level of the base accommodates a spacious conference hall, capable of hosting scientific conferences for up to 1000 individuals, along with an engaging asteroid museum. Rising above, the open floor reveals an enchanting amphitheater enveloped by an artificial reservoir encased within a distinctive plate-like structure. At the heart of this captivating setup lies a precious capsule, akin to a pearl within a shell, housing an ultra-modern telescope. With its remarkable capabilities, this telescope unlocks the mysteries of distant galaxies, offering visitors an unparalleled glimpse into the cosmos and an awe-inspiring connection with the vastness of the universe.

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