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Our team of highly skilled architects and designers is passionate about creating unique spaces that harmoniously blend aesthetics and functionality. Whether it's a luxurious villa or a dynamic public building, we approach each project with meticulous attention to detail, tailoring our designs to meet the specific needs and desires of our clients.

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Rustam Malikov

Lead designer and Founder

My mission is to breathe life into every project by creating unique and superior designs. Combining creative genius and strategic thinking, I lead our talented design team to bring concepts of the ideal space to life. We are constantly researching the latest trends and materials to offer our customers unrivaled design and quality. We would love to turn your vision into reality!

Evgenia Malikova

Founder and CEO

My task is to control the quality of projects, meeting deadlines and distributing tasks among employees. In addition, I provide communication between clients and designers, carrying out the operational management of the studio.

My leadership is based on clear communication, effective planning and organization of processes, and stimulation of creativity and innovation.

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Vladimir Kandr.jpg

Vladimir Kandr

Art director

\I love art! I am always inspired by everything that I see around in general and of course the process of creation in particular.
I  clearly and vividly imagine how and in what way I see what I  came up with will be put into practice, as if it had already happened, and these are just crazy images that are stored on my hard drive and are waiting for their turn to become a sketch, and then materialize into life.

Pavel Melnik

CEO and Head of Production Department

It's a privilege to bring passion and inspiration to every project we create. My story began with a dream of creating a place where art and business meet in harmony. Over the years, we have become a team of innovative ideas, intertwining the visual and the emotional in every creative masterpiece. Today I am proud that our group has become the epicenter of creative solutions that combine talent and strategy.

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Matthew Olaniyan

Head of Sales Department

My passion and main goal is to create strong partnerships and ensure successful sales of our unique creative products. With confidence and passion, I lead our close-knit team of sales professionals to meet and exceed our goals. We actively seek new customers, establish quality relationships and provide first-class service. Together we bring your creative ideas to life and create unforgettable projects.

Olga Gaidarenko

Public Relations Specialist

I am responsible for creating and maintaining the studio's product list, finding  new markets, developing and implementing business strategies, personnel management, financial planning, and negotiating agreements and contracts.

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