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Automatic Brewery Project

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Dubai, UAE

Our visionary team embarked on an extraordinary endeavor, developing a cutting-edge project for an automatic non-alcoholic beer brewery at Dubai Airport. Recognizing the inherent allure of the brewery itself, we made a bold decision to showcase its captivating brewing process to visitors. To achieve this, we positioned the breweries behind expansive panoramic glass walls, allowing visitors an immersive view of the production process. Complementing the sleek and modern aesthetics, we meticulously designed the bar counter using natural wood and adorned it with suspended metal plates, creating an inviting and contemporary ambiance. The base of the bar was crafted from solid glass, featuring a frosted effect and bathed in warm illumination, accentuating the freshness of the product. This harmonious fusion of captivating design and transparency ensured that visitors were not only enthralled by the automatic brewery, but also had the opportunity to witness the art of brewing firsthand, creating a truly memorable experience at Dubai Airport.

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