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Spa area design. The Alfa project.

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Spa area nestled on the lowest level of the super villa. This serene oasis is seamlessly connected to the meditation garden through fully opening window systems, inviting the soothing embrace of nature. The centerpiece of the spa complex is a magnificent 25-meter swimming pool, ingeniously designed to merge with the heated lounge area while extending into the open expanse of the garden, allowing for invigorating swims. The pool indulges guests with a combination of hot jacuzzi and refreshing cold plunge pool. Additional offerings within the spa complex include a cosmetology room equipped with massage facilities, dedicated spaces for hairdressing and manicures, Russian and Roman baths, a hammam, a Finnish sauna, a snow room with a snow generator, and a salt room. Discover a sanctuary where relaxation and rejuvenation intertwine, inviting you to indulge in a blissful escape within the super villa's spa haven.

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