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The design of our shelter. The Alfa project.

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The design of our shelter project showcases a robust and secure bunker situated 30 meters underground within a solid rock structure. Built with reinforced concrete walls measuring 1 meter in thickness, this shelter offers complete autonomy for up to 10 individuals for a period of one month. The interior exudes a rugged aesthetic, featuring a kitchen, sanitary units, sleeping quarters, and recreational areas. With an independent water and air supply connection, emergency power generators, and a dedicated food storage facility, self-sustainability is ensured. Moreover, advanced air purification systems and exhaust hoods have been carefully developed to maintain a safe and breathable environment. An underground gallery, equipped with locks, provides a secure passage connecting the bunker to the main house. Rest assured, our shelter design prioritizes safety, comfort, and self-sufficiency, allowing residents to weather any unforeseen circumstances with peace of mind.

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