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The architectural concept of a multi-storey residential building with a museum

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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

In this ambitious project, we were tasked with designing a multi-storey residential building that incorporates the iconic Titanic Museum within its stylobate structure. We presented two captivating concepts for the development of this unique structure.
The first concept revolves around the idea of colossal icebergs, creating a visually striking composition that surrounds an imitation of the Titanic ship. The museum building and a vibrant shopping center, complete with a restaurant, find their place within this breathtaking design.
The second concept takes a different approach, with the residential towers positioned atop the stylobate. From this base, the magnificent hull of the Titanic emerges, becoming the focal point of the structure. This concept seamlessly combines the residential aspect with the grandeur of the historic ship, offering a distinctive and awe-inspiring architectural experience.
Both concepts aim to capture the essence of the Titanic's legacy while providing a harmonious integration of residential, cultural, and commercial spaces within the structure.

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