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Beauty clinic design

Type of project

interior design




Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

We embarked on an exquisite journey to create a luxurious beauty clinic in the heart of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, exclusively tailored for celebrities. Meticulously designing every detail, we employed a captivating combination of materials. Contrasting dark wall panels, crafted from gypsum plasterboard, stood in elegant harmony with metal panels adorned with a mesmerizing wave texture, accentuating the walk-through areas. The placement of vertical LED luminaires was carefully orchestrated, casting a radiant glow upon the metallized ceiling panels, creating a stunning play of light and a dazzling ambiance. To further elevate the experience, we curated a collection of unique art objects, crafted by our very own artisans, seamlessly integrating them throughout the space. With utmost consideration for individual comfort, we strategically zoned the clinic, ensuring each visitor found their own personal haven within the confines of sheer opulence.

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